Large Format // Developing Session #1.

I processed the three 5×8″ film slides today in a darkroom session. I also learnt how to load a medium format roll, which I actually found more straightforward than the large format clip frame. Although this developing session was mainly a refresher for myself, I had never previously worked with large format negatives. They proved to be very difficult to load in the dark, causing … Continue reading Large Format // Developing Session #1.

Large Format – Shoot #1.

Today Chris and I headed out for a fairly early morning shoot, in hope of capturing good light and to make the most of the day. We went to my location first; an old building called ‘A Bond’ which is currently used for Bristol City Council storage. After location scouting on Wednesday afternoon, I spoke to a few workmen dressed in high-visibility jackets about their current project. As it happens, the dilapidated swing bridge is being rejuvenated to allow public transport to pass over it once more.

Continue reading “Large Format – Shoot #1.”

Landscape // A Sense of Place.

Photograph by John Davies // Agecroft Power Station. // For my first semester at UWE, I have been allocated the medium and large format brief which lasts for 6 weeks. Although I have not previously experimented with these cameras, I am fully aware of their capabilities and am excited to get shooting tomorrow! I have decided to document most of my findings and research in a … Continue reading Landscape // A Sense of Place.