Large Format – Shoot #1.

Today Chris and I headed out for a fairly early morning shoot, in hope of capturing good light and to make the most of the day. We went to my location first; an old building called ‘A Bond’ which is currently used for Bristol City Council storage. After location scouting on Wednesday afternoon, I spoke to a few workmen dressed in high-visibility jackets about their current project. As it happens, the dilapidated swing bridge is being rejuvenated to allow public transport to pass over it once more.

I therefore propose that this project will have three main focuses; the building, the swing bridge and the construction. I spent around twenty minutes walking around this location, visualising possible compositions. I wanted to consciously include elements of the bridge and references of construction in each image, as well as focussing on the building itself.

It was very helpful having another photographer in the field, mainly for a second opinion regarding focussing and composition for example, but also for assistance with the cumbersome gear. I spent a good forty to fifty minutes with my first composition. This was mainly due to issues with the perspective, which was confusing at first to fix. However, I am very pleased with what I achieved, and I really hope that Monday’s developing session will deliver great things. I exposed two negatives from this position, each at a slightly different angle. My last exposure was from the other side of the river, looking back onto the bridge with the building in the background. Shooting into direct sunlight is never easy, and I had to slightly adjust my camera settings in contrast to what the light meter was suggesting. I am not as confident with this negative, as I am sure at least one part will not be exposed correctly. However, mistakes are exactly what this first shoot is for. I have learnt so much today.

After a short walk, I assisted Chris with his shoot. He is focussing on the redevelopment of Hotwells, particularly the area opposite the S.S Great Britain. The buildings there are built on brownfield sites, with some having the appearance of a ships front. Therefore, I can see how the linear, geometric lines are appealing to Chris, and I think it is a wise decision for this brief.

Time for a weekend off – hopefully Monday will be as successful as today.



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