Cultural Hierarchies.

A hierarchy is a ‘system’ in which members of an organisation or society are ranked according to the their relative status of authority. Such systems may rely on binary notions, such as ‘better’ or ‘worse’, or possibly a graduation scale of identification. The idea of progress within a hierarchy is a key element, demonstrated visually in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for example. Reaching self-actualisation can only … Continue reading Cultural Hierarchies.

‘The Other Southbank’ // Pilgrim Films, 2009.

Using a locked off camera angle throughout, ‘The Other Southbank’ combines considered imagery with music, ambient audio and spoken word interviews. The style is contemplative and allows for engagement on the viewers behalf, but simultaneously effortless viewing. This is due to the considered framing and well thought out editing style. Furthermore, the use of music is not overpowering and provides another layer to the piece. … Continue reading ‘The Other Southbank’ // Pilgrim Films, 2009.

Julius Shulman.

Image courtesy of Julius Shulman, ‘Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House No. 22’, 1960. // Shulman was part of a postwar generation of architecture photographers who’s speciality was Modernist buildings. He worked largely for magazines and architectural publications, using mainly black and white film. He had an ability to make the “hard glass and steel surfaces” appear “comfortable and inviting.” Geometric essentials were of paramount importance … Continue reading Julius Shulman.

‘she dances on Jackson’ // Vanessa Winship, 2013.

These photographs were made during a period of intense grieving. Trauma has therefore served to produce some meaningful intimacy between strangers and the photographer. Winship’s work communicates awkwardness, sadness and emotion. The series is contemplative, informative and provoking. She combines jarring landscape imagery with well executed portraiture, following in the footsteps of other Great American photographers (Lee Friedlander, Walker Evans, Stephen Shore). Race is “included … Continue reading ‘she dances on Jackson’ // Vanessa Winship, 2013.

‘Psychogeography in Manchester’ // Sophie Wagner, Vimeo, 2013.

‘Psychogeography in Manchester’ // Courtesy of Sophie Wagner, Vimeo, 2013. “Unfold the street map [of Manchester], place a glass, rim down, anywhere on the map, and draw round its edge. Pick up the map, go out into the city, and walk the circle, keeping as close as you can to the kerb. Record the experience as you go, in whatever medium you favour: film, photograph, … Continue reading ‘Psychogeography in Manchester’ // Sophie Wagner, Vimeo, 2013.

‘Psychogeography’ // Rogue Element, Vimeo, 2011.

‘Psychogeography’ // Courtesy of Rogue Element, Vimeo, 2011. “How interventionist are personal meditations? Trying to find a way into the city, under its skin, under my skin.” A younger woman narrates her experience of Melbourne, and tells the story of her Grandmother, who was “born in 1900 In St. Kilda”. The viewer is informed that by the time the narrator first “visit[s] Melbourne”, she is … Continue reading ‘Psychogeography’ // Rogue Element, Vimeo, 2011.

‘Psychogeography’ // Lars Hurst, Vimeo, 2013.

‘Psychogeography’ // Courtesy of Lars Hurst, Vimeo, 2013. With no clear narrative, ‘Psychogeography’ consists of a series of well composed composed shots with ambient sound. Hurst uses a combination of locked-off and panning shots to create a sense of place. The location of the place is unclear, and probably irrelevant. There is reference to water in this piece, with a number of clips depicting movement. … Continue reading ‘Psychogeography’ // Lars Hurst, Vimeo, 2013.