Jitka Hanzlová.

Photograph courtesy of Jitka Hanzlová // ‘Brixton’, 2002.


In her photographs, Hanzlová explores and deals with a number of things. She captures and documents individuals, their surroundings and the landscape in which they exist. The work is never subjected to editing after making the exposure. She is able to convey objectivity and sensitivity through her project work, which always appears refined and well considered.

In ‘Brixton’, the viewer is exposed to an area with a strong Afro-Caribbean culture. Hanzolvá relied mainly on instinct and chance encounters, and photographed women against the backdrop of their urban environment. She seems to abstain from social critique and instead displays a range of generations from that culture. They do however, suggest a quiet empathy with the experience of migration.

Photographs by Jitka Hanzlová, ‘Brixton’, 2002.

‘Female’ is a kaleidoscope of the female kind: and an encyclopaedia of female types. Hanzlová communicates a high level of emotional intensity in this work, and an the viewer is allowed to invest and engage deeply with the images. There is no attempt to create a typology here, but instead the photographer allows personalities to shine through. Working in series provides a deeper meaning, and strengthens the overall value of each photograph.


Photographs by Jitka Hanzlová, ‘Female’, 1997 – 2000.





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