‘Psychogeography’ // Lars Hurst, Vimeo, 2013.

‘Psychogeography’ // Courtesy of Lars Hurst, Vimeo, 2013.

With no clear narrative, ‘Psychogeography’ consists of a series of well composed composed shots with ambient sound. Hurst uses a combination of locked-off and panning shots to create a sense of place. The location of the place is unclear, and probably irrelevant. There is reference to water in this piece, with a number of clips depicting movement. It allows for reflection, and provides a calming aesthetic to the viewer.

The ambient audio appears to have been recorded separately and overlaid, as the quality is smooth and does not distract from the visuals. Overall, the piece feels unfinished and lacks a clear direction. Instead, it feels like a sketch book or experimental piece, rather than a final outcome.



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