‘Psychogeography’ // Rogue Element, Vimeo, 2011.

‘Psychogeography’ // Courtesy of Rogue Element, Vimeo, 2011.

“How interventionist are personal meditations? Trying to find a way into the city, under its skin, under my skin.”

A younger woman narrates her experience of Melbourne, and tells the story of her Grandmother, who was “born in 1900 In St. Kilda”. The viewer is informed that by the time the narrator first “visit[s] Melbourne”, she is “already well travelled.”

The voice over works strongly with the visuals, and is not drowned out by the ambient audio. The levels are therefore balanced correctly. However, at points the quality of the recorded audio dips slightly, but this is not detrimental to the piece.

A narrative is clear throughout – a journey and a story is told. There is a clear structure to the piece, and concludes with the narrator closing “the loop of memory” by eating “Asian food, a great passion of [her grandmothers].

Overall, a succinct piece of work in which all elements – visuals, sound and narration work in harmony.




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