‘Psychogeography’ // Spare Tire Productions, Georgetown, 2012.

‘Psychogeography’ // Courtesy of Spare Tire Productions, Vimeo, 2012.

“Our plan was to go to DC and recording our own psychogeographic tour. We wanted to try and bring a new perspective to the city by avoiding touristy areas such as the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial and walk down the sidewalks of the less popular areas of DC.”

This short film combines locked-off imagery with panning establishing shots. There is no ambient audio used at all, but instead relies on an instrumental soundtrack for its entirety. The style of imagery is similar to our aesthetic, and occasionally allows for movement to enter the composition. For example, a locked-off, front-on Friedlander-esque image appears to be a still until a male jogger enters from the right. This provides interest to the viewer, and works well as an artistic device.

“We wanted to highlight the architecture of older buildings, the sidewalks we walk on, the streets we drive on, and anything else people tend to ignore because they’re paying attention to the bigger things such as the monuments or wherever it is they need to go.”

Overall, I think the piece works well and the quality of footage is generally high. The use of panning shots is not something I would use for this project, but works very well as a stylistic device in this piece. The use of a soundtrack feels cheap, and the piece would have benefited from ambient audio.

Screenshots from ‘Psychogeography’ // Spare Tire Productions, Vimeo, 2012.

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