Thomas Struth // Streets.

Images courtesy of Thomas Struth.

Thomas Struth, a German photographer who studied under Bernd and Hilla Becher has produced a variety of photographic work. His street scenes, which are usually devoid of people suggest a comment on social and political aspects of a place at a particular time. His work has a certain degree of mystery to it, but also invites the viewer into the scene.

The idea of finding beauty in the banal is something that interested me, and provided a good starting point for this project. I did not want to work with just landscape imagery. Instead, I wanted to use a combination of cropped in angles, and wider establishing shots as well.

Thomas Struth – Streets of New York City.

Struth was awarded a scholarship to live and work in New York city in 1977. It was then that he produced a body of work, concentrating on many different areas of the city. His approach to the series was to use mainly a central perspective, with the formal elements neatly arranged within the frame. Again, a lot of the work does not contain any people, almost giving the appearance of a movie set, thus isolating the importance of the scene itself, and not the inhabitants.



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