Interview Responses From Photographers.

As part of my research for this brief, I got in contact with many architectural and interior photographers, as well as arranging to meet with Marc Wilson and James Arthur Allen. I discovered an online article which listen the names of fifteen of the best architectural and interior photographers of 2015. After sending them initial emails, explaining why I was getting in contact, a number of them replied and provided with valuable information about working in this area of photography. For the sake of the zine, I decided to only include one interview, which was from Janie Airey. She is mainly a lifestyle photographer who operates under two websites. This is so she can promote herself as a lifestyle/commercial photographer, or primarily as an architectural and interior photographer. – Janie Airey – Connie Zhou – Steve Mayes – Toby Carter – John Seaman – Paolo Ferla -Quintin Lake

A PDF containing the responses from interviews I conducted with professional photographers: Interview Responses

“If a client wants to use the image for world wide coverage / use with rights to use the photos in all media (ie. web and print) then they have to pay more for the usage rights. Most architectural jobs tend to be one off commissions where the client pays you a day fee and they then use the images for their own marketing purposes.” – Janie Airey.

It was interesting to discover that some professional photographers have transformed what used to be a hobby into a sole source of income. For example, Steve Mayes has very little time to partake in personal projects, and instead uses photography as just a way of making money. This is not a position I want to be in, and would therefore be very determined to find a balance between personal and professional projects. Having said that, the idea of working primarily as a ‘commercial’ photographer does interest me. I just do not know if it is necessarily the area I have been researching for this brief!



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