Andy Sewell // Something Like a Nest.

In his project Something Like a Nest, Andy Sewell looks inwards on a personal interest of his, and the body of work seeks to explore how our idea of the countryside intersects with the stuff of contemporary life. He says that he is photographing a place that is “shaped by both the willing of bucolic ideas into a physical form and the expediency of the factory”. He … Continue reading Andy Sewell // Something Like a Nest.

Michel Foucault on Appropriating Space. Abstract taken from: Architecture /Mouvement/ Continuité October, 1984; (“Des Espace Autres,” March 1967 Translated from the French by Jay Miskowiec)   “In any case I believe that the anxiety of our era has to do fundamentally with space, no doubt a great deal more than with time. Time probably appears to us only as one of the various distributive operations that are possible for … Continue reading Michel Foucault on Appropriating Space.

‘The Watchers’, Andrew Schroeder. ‘The Watchers’, Andrew Schroeder September 13th, 2014: Black Honda SUV with a Mother and Son. Over the course of their stay (45 minutes), they argued endlessly. They covered every topic possible: who was eating all the french fries, her overspending on herself, and his poor choice of a girlfriend. Of all the people at the parking lot I have observed, these are the only … Continue reading ‘The Watchers’, Andrew Schroeder.