‘The Watchers’, Andrew Schroeder.


‘The Watchers’, Andrew Schroeder

September 13th, 2014:
Black Honda SUV with a Mother and Son. Over the course of their stay (45 minutes), they argued endlessly. They covered every topic possible: who was eating all the french fries, her overspending on herself, and his poor choice of a girlfriend. Of all the people at the parking lot I have observed, these are the only two that failed to look up at the passing planes.

September 07th, 2014:
By far this has been the most emotionally invested user of the lot. This man arrived in his SUV and parked next to me. He checked his cellphone and then hopped out of the car. For 5 minutes he stood, heavily leaning into the fence. Again he checked his phone, looking specifically for a certain plane to begin to taxi to the runway. At long last, a Southwest airlines plane left the terminal and took off. He held his breath and watched the plane fly overhead, never looking away. Finally, he sighed heavily, got back into his car and left.

August 29th, 2015:
Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport:  First couple of plane watchers I’ve observed so heavily invested in plane movements, breaking from taking iPhone photos of planes only to pick lint off of each other. Called out each plane, airline, and destination loudly, but I couldn’t tell if they were trying to start a conversation.

Throughout this project,  Schroeder investigates the environment of Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport plane watchers lot. This is a place where people can view


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