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Jon Tonks.

The involvement of people within the environment or landscape is an important part of defining what ‘place’ is. I am mainly interested in the lack of human involvement, but for this project, I want to work outside of my comfort zone and explore environmental portraiture within the ‘non-places’ or heterotopias located within the city. The style of Jon Tonks’ work places the viewer at quite … Continue reading Jon Tonks.

Donald Winnicott – Transitional Phenomena.

Donald Winnicott, along with other psychologists such as John Bolby theorised that the transitional object and transitional phenomena that occur in a child’s life drastically affect their temperament in later life. This idea was something that I found particularly interesting and I would say it had an affect on the way I viewed my project. I have had an ongoing ‘obsession’ with documenting the urban … Continue reading Donald Winnicott – Transitional Phenomena.