Joel Sternfeld – ‘Stranger Passing’.

Over a period of fifteen years Joel Sternfeld travelled across America and took portrait photographs of people that he encountered during this time. Unlike historical portraits which represent significant people in staged surroundings, Sternfeld’s subjects are uncannily “normal”, and his style of shooting means the viewer can contemplate the figures captured within a certain environment, time period and circumstance. This body of work is a collection of … Continue reading Joel Sternfeld – ‘Stranger Passing’.

Zine – Layout and Cover Ideas.

After coming across the series Stranger Passing by Joel Sternfeld, I really liked the idea of having a photograph from the body of work presented on the front cover, accompanied by a title. I therefore used this front cover as inspiration for the cover of my zine, and consequently chose to use a photograph for the front cover that I believed epitomised the ideas that I was … Continue reading Zine – Layout and Cover Ideas.

Alan Berger – ‘Drosscape, Wasting Land in Urban America.’

  I read a short essay from a book that was released to coincide with an exhibition for the  Fotomuseum Winterthur’s twentieth anniversary. Concrete: Photography and Architecture is an exhaustive investigation of architectural photography, and includes a short essay, Void/Density: Photography and the Representation of Urban Spaces by Nicoletta Leonardi. After reading this essay at the tail end of producing work for this project, I felt that her words were particularly informative … Continue reading Alan Berger – ‘Drosscape, Wasting Land in Urban America.’

Clare Hewitt Project Tutorial.

Today Clare Hewitt gave a talk about her work and process, and how to make ends meet within the photographic industry. It was very useful to hear first hand how she has juggled many jobs since finishing her degree in photography, and has gained many transferable skills in doing so. Her main source of income is from commissioned work, through big publications such as Oh Comely and The Independent … Continue reading Clare Hewitt Project Tutorial.

Group Edit Session // Zine Production.

A few notes from an edit session looking at how best to present my work. Also a few evaluative notes on my process and decision making in terms of the final outcome, and how I arrived there. Today we had a group edit session in which we displayed all of our work and attempted to narrow it done into a cohesive project. Most people, including … Continue reading Group Edit Session // Zine Production.

Tutorial Write Up // Jim Campbell – 25.09.16

After having a few days to look over the brief and come up with a few ideas, I spoke with Jim about the possible outcomes for this project. My initial ideas were to work with moving image, and to produce a photographers film. However, my choice of subject matter and therefore basis of a project was still very much in the infancy stage. The idea … Continue reading Tutorial Write Up // Jim Campbell – 25.09.16

Shoot #8 – Contact Sheets.

After having massive problems with the camera’s film back, (see previous shoot!) I decided that I had to go back to the same locations and reshoot. I managed to successfully reshoot all of the images that were originally ruined, plus a couple of others that made it in to the final edit. Although slightly frustrating at the time, it was definitely a worthwhile process to … Continue reading Shoot #8 – Contact Sheets.

Commitment – Reading Group Notes – 10.10.16

In the extract taken from ‘commitment’, John Szarkowski introduces the idea that “commitment is [not] an optional thing for the creative person”. He believes the “commitment implies content in the work that is produced”. This means that without being fully invested in a project, then the photographic work produced will be unsatisfactory and ultimately uninspiring. The viewer will not take time to invest themselves in … Continue reading Commitment – Reading Group Notes – 10.10.16

Assignment Brief – Overview.

‘The unconscious obsessions that we photographers have is that wherever we go we want to find the theme that we carry inside ourselves.’ – Graciela Iturbide The idea for this brief is to “explore and develop a personal theme or topic at a deeper level, experimenting and researching you interest in photography, both in form and theme.” This should therefore be something that deeply resides … Continue reading Assignment Brief – Overview.