Joel Meyerowitz – The Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks.


Joel Meyerowitz – The Legacy Box Set – Aperture website.

In this stunning collection of images, master photographer Joel Meyerowitz invites us to discover the hidden pockets of wilderness that still exist within the urban environs of New York City. Meyerowitz honed in on the 8,700 acres within the five boroughs of New York City that still exist in their pristine state, as well as areas within various parks that have reverted to wilderness. In creating work, Meyerowitz has drawn on childhood memories of a New York “green-space—open and wild, alive with rabbits, migratory birds, snakes, frogs,and the occasional skunk—[that] gave me my first sense of natural world, its temperament and its seasons, its unpredictability, and its mystery.”

“In some photos, vegetation encompasses the whole of the frame, while others, such as the shot from underneath the George Washington Bridge (above), situate these slices of nature as inseparable elements of the urban landscape. Each image implores the viewer to breathe in the scents of the outdoors, relish in the sanctuary of these spaces, and reflect on the true underlying bloodline of New York City: the roots and rivers that came before the subway lines and skyscrapers. Meyerowitz’s photographs remind us how important is it to preserve them.” – Monica Racic, April 2010.




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