Massimo Vitali.


Massimo Vitali is an Italian photographer who has a particular interest in public places, especially sites of relaxation or recreation. Teachers, swimming pools, ski resorts and piazzas are all a distinct part of his oeuvre. He is a chronicler of contemporary life. He chooses to position himself on the edge of whatever he is photographing, and by using a large format camera, he is hardly a subtle presence. However, his images convey a sense of detachment and allow the viewer to properly engage with the scene in its entirety. No one is single out and there seems to be no real clear focal point. This voyeuristic approach minimises cliche, and instead provides a somewhat object view of human beings’ recreational behaviour. Clearly though, nothing within the photographic realm is strictly objective, so the viewer must, as with any photographic, attempt to understand the photographers intentions and personal preconceptions. This of course is a very difficult task, and is something I am personal interested in.

With the work that I have been creating for this project, I have been trying to employ a sense of distance and allow the viewer to contemplate the ‘non-places’ that I have discovered. Some of the images are more descriptive than others, and I think this has primarily come from the continuous research and photographing that I have been doing. This is an ongoing process which I did not expect to be fully resolved by the deadline. It is impossible to put a finishing point on a personal project, especially when there is such a multitude of imagery to be made within the city of Bristol.



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