Khalil Musa – Civic / Middle England.

Khalil Musa produced a body of work about the people and places of Nailsea. I can only imagine by the title that he is clearly making a comment on the middle England that many people can relate to: a comfortable middle class environment. I particularly like how, as a photographer, he distances himself from his subject matter, and this is something that I have definitely attempted to do in this project. His imagery is subtle, quiet and contemplative. As a body of work, every image provides something to the series and it feels very coherent.

Something that I have taken from looking at this work is the idea of a narrative when putting together final images. It is important that each images ‘says’ something, and abides by the discourse of photography. I can tell that this is an invested body of work in which Musa either has a direct connection to the place, or like me, is acting as an observer and commentator on life within a certain place.

Wasted spaces, such as empty office blocks sit in conjunction with detached bungalows featuring well kept gardens. There is a clear dichotomy going on in this work, and Musa’s subtle satirical comments are (for me at least) received half in jest.



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