Shoot #5 – Contact Sheets.

Before setting out on this shoot, I had a lot of doubt in my mind about how productive it was going to be. I had been having a relatively bad day, and to make matters worse, the weather was making a turn for the worse (again!) I therefore tried to make the most of a bad situation, and I happened to stumble across Steve who was about to start working as a project manager for a new development project in Bristol. He was due to start in the new year, but was already having meetings to discuss work. He seemed pretty receptive, and willing to have his portrait taken. I wanted to include more of the building behind him, but unfortunately it was too far out of shot. I therefore made sure that he was central to the image, and that there was still enough space to include a vast majority of the environment.

Although I would not strictly say that the area I was photographing in was a non-place, I still think that the portrait of Steve fits well in this body of work, and I think he is an interesting character that poses a lot of question to the viewer. It did actually make me think that there could be a potential for a wider project, based solely on the people who are responsible for developing the city, such as big project managers, site workers, landscape architects or urban planners. It would be a totally different project to the one that I am focussing on at the moment, but it was a good process to have just persevered through the bad day and weather, because without doing that, I may never have had that moment of inspiration!

In terms of the other images from this shoot, I was a little disappointed with the result. 39.tif seems a little too cliche for my liking, and I do not think the shot is terribly exciting. The framing is a little too tightly cropped, and the subject matter is quite uninteresting. The colour scheme further reflects this, and I am glad I did not include this image in the final edit.

Overall not the most successful shoot in terms of the amount of useable images, but having one great shot is better than having none at all!





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