Shoot #6 – Contact Sheets.

This roll of film was from the same weekend that I had problems with the camera, which is evident in most of the frames. 45.tif and 50.tif involved quite a bit of standing around, waiting for people to pass by. Javier must have been the fifth person I asked if they had a couple of minutes to spare, and he was more than happy to talk to me. He seemed genuinely interested in what my project was about, and wanted to help me with it. Javier had jut finished a shift at the Mercure Hotel near Redcliffe, and was on his way back home. Because of the cold weather, the viewfinder kept steaming up with the warmth of my breath. I therefore made two exposures with slightly different focus adjustments as it was quite difficult to clearly see through the viewfinder. It was lucky that I did this as I would have been left with an unusable image due to the light leak otherwise! Compositionally, I think 50.tif works well with Javier placed central in the frame, isolated from pathway leading from the bottom right and curving away to centre-left. I chose to shoot the majority of my portraits on f3.5 or f5.6, as I wanted to isolate the subject from the background using a shallow depth of field. I therefore had to be very careful with my focus adjustments, ensuring that the person was sharply in focus.





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