Shoot #9 – Contact Sheets.

For this shoot, I decided to cycle over towards Avon Meads and explore the local area. I had no real fixed agenda, but I was again trying to photograph transitional spaces as well as portraits of people that I encountered. One thing that caught my attention during this shoot were the many bridges, walkways and overpasses along Feeder Road, with the multi lane St Phillips Causeway running over head. There seemed to be quite a juxtaposition between the River Avon canal and the drab architectural forms that exist there. This was definitely a very productive location shoot, as half of the images made it into the final edit.

In terms of my technical ability, I am generally pleased with the overall exposures of this roll of film, as there are details in the shadows as well as enough detail in the overcast sky. However, I did find it quite difficult to achieve properly colour corrected scans, as the histograms are very sensitive to change. The Portra film stock was really well suited for this style of shooting, as the colour representation is usually quite accurate. It was just my scanning skills that needed improving!



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