‘Void & Density’ – Front Cover Experiments.

I experimented with trying different layouts for the text on the front cover. I wanted to use the image that features on the centre pages in the zine, so I cropped a section for a portrait orientation. However, I then decided that this was the wrong thing to do, as the main image contained within the zine is landscape, and it did not make sense to have the front cover cropped into portrait. It would have spoiled the continuity of the zine. I therefore decided to design the front cover with the main image in landscape orientation, but just slightly downscaled to allow for enough negative space for the title and my name.

I think the overall design that I chose to print (not included in this post) works the strongest, and the visual hierarchy from the top of the cover to the bottom flows well. The eye is effortlessly guided from the lighter tonal ranges in the sky, through the main focus of the image and down through to the darker tones where the title and my name sit. This means that it is the least distracting it can be, but still prominent enough for the viewer to easily access what the project is called. I was aiming for simplicity and a clean design in which the imagery does most of the communication. I did not want to have anything that would distract the reader from the imagery.



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