‘Void & Density’ -InDesign Spread Development.

First design layout

Second design layout

Third design layout

Final design layout

Above are PDF links to some previous design layouts that I tried out before settling on the final one. Across the four documents, the main thing that I experimented with was the front cover. It took quite a few attempts  to decide on a layout that I was completely happy with for the front cover, as I was playing around with the alignment of the title, splitting up my name from the title and whether the information should go above or below the front cover. I then decided that my original idea about having the front cover image cropped into a portrait orientation did not make sense in relation to the rest of the series, so I scrapped that idea and instead used it in a landscape orientation. I believe this is much stronger visually, and looks clean and simple.

I also thought about using text within the zine, and in the end I opted for opening with a suitable quote by the poet Philip Larkin. I also thought it was important for the reader to know a little bit about the people in the zine, so I included a very small caption for each image which contained a person. I chose to keep these captions very straight forward and descriptive of their name, the location I photographed them in and the year. I did not think it was necessary to include a caption with every image, so this was purely a stylistic choice. I though it was more important to know a little bit about the people, as I think the landscapes and urban environments stand strongly on their own and can ‘speak for themselves’.



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