Comprehensive Bristol Gig List – 1978-1985.

On Bristol Archive Records, there was a post by Richard Wyatt in which he describes his experiences of growing up in South Bristol and attending gigs with his older brother and school friends. As a way of attempting to document his experience, he made note of every gig he went to from 1978 to 1985, including the venue and how much it cost him to get in. His list demonstrates a huge dedication to the local music scene, and also his methodical way of remembering all of the experiences he had at these concerts.

I plan to get in touch with Richard, mainly because I think he will be an extremely interesting person to talk to and discuss the Bristol music scene! He is someone that has lived through it, and experienced what Bristol had to offer first hand. I am not sure how this will feed into my project yet, but I think it would be a good idea to meet up with him to talk about some of his fonder (and possibly negative) experiences. I then hope this will provide me with more information, and also other people that I can contact for this project.

So far, Bristol Archive Records has been one of my only sources of research, but has provided a lot of interesting reading and watching material. It has been valuable to spend a few hours clicking through this website, and I have a number of possible contact / research links that I plan to follow up in the next couple of days.



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