Tommy Sussex // Various Works.

All images courtesy of Tommy Sussex, various portraits: Tommy Sussex’s style is very much along the lines of the New Topographic movement from the 1970’s. He photographs people with a lot of negative space around the sitter, which allows the viewer to interact not only with the person and their clothes, but also with their relationship to the environment in which they are situated. This … Continue reading Tommy Sussex // Various Works.


According to Berger. In order to understand this phenomenon it is necessary to overcome “the traditional boundaries separating environmental and architectural/planning/design issues, urban from suburban issues, and nostalgic definitions of community from actual organisations of people, workplaces, and social structures.”   Bereri ‘Site Specific’ – photography project Continue reading Quotes

Professional Practice & Work Experience Lecture // 23.01.17.

Publication Folder & Development Strategies – What happens next? Lisa Pritchard – photographers agent 5 steps to branding: Register a domain name X Employ a good graphic designer – work with a graphic design student? Use the branding consistently throughout all of the marketing X Become visible by using marketing techniques – development strategy The person behind the brand – client / photographer relationship Dylan … Continue reading Professional Practice & Work Experience Lecture // 23.01.17.

Sophie Green // Various Works.

All images courtesy of Sophie Green Photography // ‘I Am Sophie Green’. ‘I Am Sophie Green’ – photographic portrait project about people who share the same name as the photographer. Photographed over twenty different Sophie Green’s. She found that sharing the same name broke down the initial barrier of communication, and allowed for a connection between the photographer and subject. Green used a “formulaic and … Continue reading Sophie Green // Various Works.

Birmingham Social Groups. – useful resources for minority groups in Birmingham. – information about Irish populations within Britain, with some historical facts. – facts. – Birmingham’s Irish communities. – The Irish Quarter in Birmingham. – Digbeth information (Wikipedia so possibly not very reliable. – Birmingham Irish  community. Continue reading Birmingham Social Groups.