Essay Planning and Notes.

“Like Genet, we are interested in subculture – in the expressive forms and rituals of those subordinate groups – the teddy boys and mods and rockers, the skinheads and the punks – who are alternately dismissed, denounced and canonized; treated at different times as threats to public order and as harmless buffoons. Like Genet also, we are intrigued by the most mundane objects – a … Continue reading Essay Planning and Notes.

Developing a Web Presence with Nick Bright – PP/WE // 09.02.17.

Content analysis: Who are you? – Positioning statement, defines style of image making. Who is your audience? Where is the work going to be encountered? Copyright and terms & conditions on the website.   Continue reading Developing a Web Presence with Nick Bright – PP/WE // 09.02.17.

Intersections // Research Activity Pt.1 – 06.02.17.

“We want you to bring to this session an image or a body of work that has affected the way that you think about your photographic practice or current project work in a meaningful way. It may be a single image, exhibition, an online portfolio, photographic book or film – but it needs to be a work of significance for you.” Gathered Leaves // Alec Soth … Continue reading Intersections // Research Activity Pt.1 – 06.02.17.

Tastes and Values Essay Sources. – Grayson Perry on how taste is woven into our class system. – the death of subcultures (according to the Guardian, so taken with a pinch of salt…) Continue reading Tastes and Values Essay Sources.

Ben Quinton.

All images courtesy of Ben Quinton, various portraits : Ben Quinton’s portraiture is very clean, stylistic and well arranged. On his website, he displays a wide range of styles in image making, and particularly his portraiture excels both technically and visually. The combination of full length portraits, natural light with fill flash and also close up portraits works very well, and demonstrates a profound photographer … Continue reading Ben Quinton.