Ben Quinton.

All images courtesy of Ben Quinton, various portraits :

Ben Quinton’s portraiture is very clean, stylistic and well arranged. On his website, he displays a wide range of styles in image making, and particularly his portraiture excels both technically and visually. The combination of full length portraits, natural light with fill flash and also close up portraits works very well, and demonstrates a profound photographer who can adapt to the situation and different sitter. These are all attributes that I admire and wanted to use in my own practice, specifically within this Irish documentary project.

The way in which he uses the surroundings of the sitter is admirable, and works effectively. Again, I wanted to experiment with using this technique when making portraits of the Irish communities. I therefore made sure that I shot both full length portraits, and also got closer to the sitter and made just head and shoulder portraits. I think this works particularly well with the gentleman in the flat cap, as the posture in the full length portrait portrays a totally different story when compared with the head and shoulders portrait of him. He almost doesn’t look like the same person.


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