Amanda Harman // ‘Clubhouse’.

All images courtesy of Amanda Harman, Clubhouse – Club House

Amanda showed us this body of work last year during a professional practice lecture in which she explained her motivation behind the series. I think as a standalone project this is really successful and documents the human presence found in different club house environments, but without any people being present in any of the images. She explores the idea of the present without being present, and looks at the malleability of a place through the presence of human contact.

This idea is definitely something I try to explore within my own practice, as not only am I interested in photographing the people who frequent such places as the Irish Centre, but I am also intrigued by the effect they have on the place itself. I therefore make sure I document the place as well by taking photographs of the interior and focussing on subtle details that indicate to the presence of human interaction, and also the influence of certain cultures. In the Irish Centre for example, there were small Irish and Guiness flags hung around the place, and traditional Irish music was being played through the speakers. The names of the bars were also Irish, and there were Irish heritage links on the walls, such as a map of Ireland. I wanted these to feature within the portraits as part of the environment, and also with some of the other details on their own.


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