Leonie Hampton // In the Shadow of Things.

All images courtesy of Leonie Hampton, In The Shadow of Things. In The Shadow of Things

Although her subject matter is totally different to mine, I think her visual style and portraiture skills are very strong. This series of work focusses on Leonie attempting to clear her mothers house, who was a serial hoarder. The images are close, intimate and portray a mother that needs psychological help. Although the subject matter is quite tense, I think the imagery feels quite sorrowful and sympathetic.

The way in which she varies the type of imagery throughout this project is something that inspired me. There are no typical ‘posed’ portraits, but there are a variety of different styles – some are out of focus, some are close and intimate and others more distant. I therefore wanted to achieve something similar in my own practice and in this documentary project.

Some of my portraits are posed, with the sitter looking directly at camera or slightly off camera. Whereas some are more candid, with people engaging in their social activities in the Centre. I do think that I succeeded in making a varied range of images, particularly in the portraits of people.


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