The Three Tuns Irish Night, Bristol. Contact Sheets.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 20.58.47.png

I found out about an Irish night which happens every week at the Three Tuns pub, Hotwells in Bristol. However, upon arrival and after hanging around for the evening, it appears that not many Irish people frequent this place. There is a folk band that meets every Monday to play, and I got the impression that the majority of the people there that night were there because of that, not because they were Irish.

I did, however get chance to meet a few Irish people who, unsurprisingly were very welcoming and friendly towards me. I only made a few portraits of these people, and none of them made the final cut in the end as I think there are much stronger portraits within the series from other shoots. I also photographed the folk band using a digital camera, as the band wanted some publicity shots to use for on their website. I thought I would make the most out of a fairly bad situation, and the lead organiser of the band was very pleased with the images I produced.

I think I will go back on another Monday night to meet with the same Irish people, and talk about possibly meeting some of their other Irish associates. I am also trying to sweet talk as many as I can, as I need accommodation over the summer for when I visit Ireland!

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