Photography and Social Exchange // Intersections Proposal.

The semiotics of environmental portraiture became more important to me towards the end of my previous project. I was ultimately concerned with the act of wandering, exploring and responding to different places within the city, and I seemingly obsessed over the idea of a ‘drosscape’ or ‘heterotopia’. I became fascinated with the act of encountering people within places of transition. Therefore, for this current project, … Continue reading Photography and Social Exchange // Intersections Proposal.

Intersections // Research Activity Pt.1 – 06.02.17.

“We want you to bring to this session an image or a body of work that has affected the way that you think about your photographic practice or current project work in a meaningful way. It may be a single image, exhibition, an online portfolio, photographic book or film – but it needs to be a work of significance for you.” Gathered Leaves // Alec Soth … Continue reading Intersections // Research Activity Pt.1 – 06.02.17.

Ben Quinton.

All images courtesy of Ben Quinton, various portraits : Ben Quinton’s portraiture is very clean, stylistic and well arranged. On his website, he displays a wide range of styles in image making, and particularly his portraiture excels both technically and visually. The combination of full length portraits, natural light with fill flash and also close up portraits works very well, and demonstrates a profound photographer … Continue reading Ben Quinton.

Tommy Sussex // Various Works.

All images courtesy of Tommy Sussex, various portraits: Tommy Sussex’s style is very much along the lines of the New Topographic movement from the 1970’s. He photographs people with a lot of negative space around the sitter, which allows the viewer to interact not only with the person and their clothes, but also with their relationship to the environment in which they are situated. This … Continue reading Tommy Sussex // Various Works.