The Third Collective Zine.

We chose the name ‘The Third Collective’ as we wanted the whole zine to have a minimalist design throughout, and we felt that using bold, Roman numerals added to this idea. It also visually references us as three individual photographers, with different interests but mutual appreciation for the professionalism within photography. Working in greyscale was not our original idea, but we decided collectively that it … Continue reading The Third Collective Zine.


There is no definite, certain answer for how to network. Every professional working in the creative industry will have their own way of meeting new contacts and potential clients. It is important for a photographer, regardless of what area they wish to specialise in, to understand that meeting new people is an essential part of the job. Your photographic work must be technically strong in … Continue reading Networking.

Understanding Licensing Fees.

Image Licensing Made Clear.¬†– Below is a copied piece of text, courtesy of Jonathan Bowcott Photography. He explains how copyright can apply to any medium, with photography being no exception. A photographer automatically owns copyright for an image produced. This article provided me with crucial information that I needed in order to write my article on image licensing. “Before an explanation about licensing I want … Continue reading Understanding Licensing Fees.

Interview Responses From Photographers.

As part of my research for this brief, I got in contact with many architectural and interior photographers, as well as arranging to meet with Marc Wilson and James Arthur Allen. I discovered an online article which listen the names of fifteen of the best architectural and interior photographers of 2015. After sending them initial emails, explaining why I was getting in contact, a number … Continue reading Interview Responses From Photographers.

Copyright Issues.

Words courtesy of ‘Architectural Photography Specialty Group of the American Society of Media Photographer –¬†Commissioning Architectural Photography’   COPYRIGHT LAW: Under the Copyright Act of 1976 and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, photographs (like designs and drawings) automatically receive copyright protection immediately upon their creation. Copyright gives the creator of an image the exclusive legal right to control how … Continue reading Copyright Issues.

‘The 14 Best Architectural Photographers of 2015’

I decided to get in contact with some of the best architectural photographers, as listed on ‘’. I sent a whole number of emails to all of those listed, with a select few getting back to me. Once contact was established, I sent across a short questionnaire with interview type questions included. Although this seemed like quite a bland way of communicating, I made sure … Continue reading ‘The 14 Best Architectural Photographers of 2015’

An Interview with Jimmy Gough // Founder of ‘ClubCam’.

Professionalism within commercial photography is a crucial element of earning money from the practice. In addition to having a savvy business mind, a commercial photographer must also have the ability to converse with others and establish a strong network of associates and clients. A recent client I produced work for is Jimmy Gough. He is the founder and owner of the specialist photographic company¬†‘ClubCam’, which … Continue reading An Interview with Jimmy Gough // Founder of ‘ClubCam’.

L1 Professional Practice // Nightlife Photography.

// Images courtesy of ‘ClubCam’ and ‘Josh Adam Jones Photography & Film’ (produced for ‘Yates, Cheltenham’) Producing work for a client does not always allow for creative control over the final outcome. The photographer has to balance the demands and requirements of a brief with their own creative desires, which can sometimes be challenging. Over the busy Christmas period, I contacted a local late night … Continue reading L1 Professional Practice // Nightlife Photography.